DE BOER Project & Interim Management



We provide you with the following professional services in the ICT domain:


  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Interim Management


Main areas of expertice:


  • Compliance / implement new legislation (e.g. PCI DSS, ISO 27001)
  • Identity & Access Management implementation
  • Service management / ITIL implementation
  • Infrastructure roll out / life cycle replacement
  • Turn key delivery of new offices



Business change is a given and is often a response to changes in e.g. legislation, customer demands, macro economic developments, technology and climate or to new business strategies. Not changing is not an durable option and will bring you out of business sooner or later.


Changes can be dealt by management itself or by setting up (strategic) programmes or projects.


Properly designed programmes and projects assure resources are used effectively and efficiently and that outcomes and benefits are delivered that maintain or increase the competitive level of your organisation. For this you need skilled and experienced people.



In this ever changing world, where it becomes harder and harder to oversee your accountabilities, you want to be assured that solving problems or reaching strategic objectives is taken care of by people you can trust. People that have a proven track record, that are flexible and know how to deal with constraints.


As such you believe in broad experience, seniority and common - don't stop thinking - sense. Ofcourse all the commonly requested 'hygene factors' are checked off.


Our services offering is based on the following:


  • Each manager has over 15 years of experience
  • Best practice methods like Prince 2 and MSP are applied if en when needed
  • Managers have a broad experience and a good track record, are flexible and are sensitive towards the organisational constraints and culture

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